Coming soon - Flow Glass Mirrors & Splashbacks

A while ago we renovated our guest bathroom and I created a large one piece glass splashback to go behind the newly installed sink. It was the largest piece of glass that I had ever fired and I experimented with different colours and textures before I tried the full size piece. I wanted to incorporate blues and greens to tie in with the floor tiles we had chosen. Using various textures of coloured frits (ground up glass) and bubble effects I built up the design I wanted. 

 This large piece filled the kiln and was fired. I was delighted with the results which has been in our bathroom since

But then we needed a mirror to complete the look. After a delay we finally got around to making a mirror to complement the splashback at the start of this year. I played around with the same colours and bubble effects and created some small pieces of fused glass which echoed the colours. I had a vision and fortunately a very talented husband Steven who can interpret my sketches into wood. He had even saved some oak with rough edges as he knew I would like that effect!

We're very pleased with the result which is now in position.

He's been working away and has produced some more mirrors with a more smooth finish and I've been experimenting with other colours and textures for the glass to go in them and we hope to launch them soon. I am quite happy to speak to customers who would like a glass splashback created for their home.